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Queen For A Day Cowl

Who doesn’t dream of being royal on occasion? The fancy chauffeured car, the adoring fans, a designer wardrobe, the power and prestige, never having to do laundry again, the vault stuffed to the gills with priceless gems? When we played “queen for a day” as children we didn’t understand the responsibilities that come with being royal and were far more concerned with the bling and trappings.

As an adult, I wouldn’t want a public life and have my family be under constant scrutiny on a global scale, but who doesn’t think they’d look a little better if they were wearing a tiara while washing the car or grocery shopping? I was given a tiara for my 18th birthday by a friend and I’d reach for it now and again when powering through a difficult paper, college essays, or a task I needed to slog my way through. I had that tiara for years and it’s amazing how a crown can improve your mood!

I’d like to introduce the Queen For A Day Cowl, a Fair Isle cowl knit in the round from the bottom up, inspired by all of us who need a little bling in our lives. Knitted bling? Whoever heard of such a thing? This is the perfect way to not only have your crown, but to embrace your inner queen and rule your day like the benevolent leader you are!

Worked in two colors of Queen City Yarns Wesley Heights hand dyed superwash worsted, the tonal solid plays off the speckled yarn nicely, creating depth and charm. Knitting up on US 5 and US 7 circular needles, the bands of royal crowns flank a bold, geometric pattern. It’d be simple to add or remove repeats in the midsection if you want a longer or shorter cowl, or add additional bands of crowns. Topped off with easy garter edging, this is my new favorite design – there’s something cheeky and whimsical about it that I love!

Long live the queen!

Download the Queen For A Day Cowl here.


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  1. Jaime McCorry #

    Love this! I bought my friends and I tiaras years ago! Mine now rests on my nightstand as encouragement!

    February 15, 2018

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