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Embroidery and… Cookies?

I love baking with my son! While I know a bit about embroidery, I am by no means a master. What do you think would happen if baking and embroidery were combined?  Subscribers won’t be able to see the video, so click anywhere on the post to be taken directly to the blog entry. If you have a few minutes, definitely watch the video – it’s mesmerizing! Original article here.

Mesmerizing Embroidery-Inspired Cookie Decorating by Mezesmanna

Chef Judit Czinkné Poór is the mastermind behind Hungarian cake decorating shop Mézesmanna, a small studio with a giant social media presence because of the incredible photos and videos they share of their decorative confections. Nearly everything they produce falls into the ‘looks too good to eat’ category, from elaborate illustrations of animals, to intricate patterns inspired by embroidery. Seen here is a quick video of her ‘royal icing’ technique. You can see even more here.




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  1. Cynthia #

    Wow! That is gorgeous – too pretty to eat! I love the cool stuff you find, thank you!

    March 22, 2016

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