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Congratulations to winners Barbara and Shadowlilies (check your email, ladies!) for winning free downloads of both the Magnolia Cowl and the Clara Shawl!

My mom sent me a bunch of old photographs recently, and this one inspired the Clara Shawl:


I danced for years and lived and breathed all things ballet. This photo was taken from my Boston Ballet days and I’m trying on Clara’s dress from the Nutcracker. I remember how incredibly thrilling it was and seeing this photo again after so many years brought me back to the excitement and joy in trying on such a famous dress. No doubt my mom has only memories of driving me back and forth to practice multiple times a week, helping me sew the ribbons on my pointe shoes and during Nutcracker season she probably wanted me to take up a sport closer to home with significantly less driving, but this picture reminds me of a wonderful day we spent together in Boston, culminating with me trying on this dress and her snapping away with her camera.

It was a wonderful day, thanks Mom.

What inspires your knitting, dear readers?


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  1. Patricia Gray #

    Yes, we had many, many wonderful days at the ballet and even driving the carpool was fun with you and your friends. I remember this day very vividly with my ” little Clara.”
    Love, Mom

    January 16, 2015
  2. I love the Clara inspiration! I took ballet for years when I was young and even danced in the Nutcracker for a few years…I remember being so excited when I finally had a part that performed for the daytime school performances and I was able to miss school days 🙂 I hadn’t seen the Nutcracker since I was in middle school and I totally dragged my husband and father-in-law with me this year to see it right before Christmas. I spent the next week humming the songs and twirling around our apartment 🙂 Wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing!

    January 20, 2015

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