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Dragonfly Fibers Visit

I was lucky enough to find myself at Dragonfly Fibers earlier this week in Kensington, MD!


It’s always interesting visiting hand dyers… They all have their own methods, their own colors, own bases, different set ups and different vibes. I’ve long admired Dragonfly and getting invited up was a great way to spend an afternoon. Embracing local yarn companies creates such a great sense of camaraderie in the small world of knitting. Dragonfly has some of the loveliest color ways and Kate and Nancye are pretty fantastic ladies.

After watching Kate work the dye baths for a bit, I got the grand tour. Pots of hot yarn and dye boiling away, doing their thing? Walls of gorgeous yarn in bright colors you want to roll around in and drool on? Awesome women running a company and doing a great job? Check, check and check. A few photos from my trip:

photo 1-1

Yarn in the dye bath

photo 1

Transforming yarn from cone form to hanks and getting them into the proper yardage

photo 2-1

dyes and fibers, ready to mix

photo 3-1

BEAUTIFUL! Yarn in the dye pot

photo 3

yarn drying on the racks

photo 5

so much color!

I can’t say much about it now, dear readers, but there’s an exciting adventure coming up with the wonderful women of Dragonfly. I’m looking forward to working with them on a big project and to telling you about it soon!

Check out all the gorgeousness Dragonfly has to offer here!

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  1. Nancye (McGill) Bonomo #

    We loved having you visit. Looking forward to seeing more of you….

    August 2, 2014
  2. hawknitr13 #

    Very interesting pics & post!

    August 5, 2014

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