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The Rainbow Connection

New yarn alert!

I love brand new yarns! It’s like Christmastime winding up the new hank, tucking the crisp label in the middle of the cake, feeling the anticipation of working with a new fiber blend, a brand new color about to be cast on to your needles and the excitement to see how it knits up. Too over-the-top? Then you’re not hardcore enough! Oh yes dear readers, I do love a new yarn flowing through my fingers onto my needles.

I was feeling inquisitive, as I wound up my hank of Cascade’s new Casablanca yarn. Resisting the urge to keep asking my yarn what the odds were about us meeting here “in all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world” (Casablanca reference and warning, it won’t be the last), it wound up in a nice, stripey fashion. I like yarns where the colors change (it keeps things interesting), but my beef with some of them is it’s a choppy, abrupt color change. This yarn had promise, with nice color transition. Would it meet my expectations?

After staring down my wound hank and giving it a classic “Here’s looking at you, kid,” I cast on.

I adore, ADORE going to the movies in the summer. Sadly, my days of “Hey, let’s drop everything and go to the movies!” are gone because of the baby, but when we do go now it’s an extra treat. Aside from them cranking up the volume of the previews to the point of deafness, it’s always so cold in there my teeth are chattering by the time we get to the opening credits. It’s my neck that gets cold then it goes all downhill from there. Enter the Urban Lace Infinity Scarf. This little beauty can be doubled or even tripled around your neck to keep it toasty warm for cold theaters, chilly nights walking on the beach or with the dog, or homes and offices where people like to keep things on the subzero end of the thermostat. My days of sitting in the theater with icicles forming under my nose are done! Extra bonus, it folded up super tiny in my bag which means I can keep it in there at all times AND I can wear it year round.

I was very happy with the color transitions in this yummy and soft wool, silk and mohair blend. They weren’t choppy at all and bled nicely into the next for an almost painterly effect. There are 15 excellent colors to choose from and the lace knit up quickly on size 8 needles. I used every little bit of 1 hank and was pleased at the finished length from the 220 yards. Two thumbs up from this knitter!

“This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Download the free pattern here.

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