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Indigo Landing Shawlette

Greetings, readers!

I figured we’d start this month off right and begin with a free pattern, the Indigo Landing Shawlette available here!

Thanks to my model, the fabulous Becky!

I was very excited to recently get my hands on some Cascade Cloud yarn. Have you knit with this yet? You must! True to its name, Cloud is very lofty and soft. It’s a chained yarn, which means no splitting and a lovely spring factor. With 70% merino wool/30% baby alpaca (yum), generous yardage at 164 yards a hank, I figured I could eek out a shawlette with just 2 hanks. I was right! I love a challenge when I can get an entire project out of a couple hanks of yarn.

It was tricky to choose only 2 colors of the almost 30 available. I adore Cascade yarns for many reasons, but one of them is their color selection. I love that they don’t retire colors every season, so if I go back and want a color I used a few months ago, it’s still there. They have a fantastic fiber selection to please all audiences and I like that their website is easy to navigate. Plus, they’re just good people.

I settled on 2 shades of blue since it reminded me of spring. With the weird weather we’ve been having lately, I have a raging case of spring fever and this shawlette is the cure! Ideal for the slightly chilly days we continue to get, yet equally good for the days you don’t need a coat but something around your neck, I see this shawlette living in my bag for easy access for months to come. Great for walking the dog, running errands or wherever the day takes me, I have a feeling I could get year-round wear out of this little beauty.

This simple striped shawlette knits up lightening fast and the zig zag border adds a bit of an angular edge. With a traditional center top cast on, you only need to pay attention to your striping sequence until you get to the border. This pattern is consummate TV or car knitting (not while you’re driving) because you don’t need a chart or constantly need to reference a written pattern. You could even switch up the border if you wish or throw in a third color. You can manipulate the zig zag when you block and make it more exaggerated or more of a swooping scallop. If you tend to bind off tightly like I do, you may want to go up a few needle sizes. I bound off on US 15s.

I hope you enjoy this sweet little shawlette and it’s the cure for your spring fever! Make sure you check out Cascade’s Cloud yarn and the kaleidoscope of the colors they have available!

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