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A Final Glance

Today we wrap up the sneak peek of Capitol Knits!

Capitol Knits is like a published journal or scrapbook. There are amazing sketches by Paul Heaston, an insanely talented artist, info on the flora and fauna of DC, historical facts, photos and tidbits. It’s an interesting book because it really is like having your journals out there for all to see, but instead of juicy secrets and gossip, mine are full of knitting and pressed flowers and leaves!

Union Station Infinity Cowl

Union Station Infinity Cowl available here.

Jefferson Pullover

Jefferson Pullover available here

This is probably my favorite garment in the whole book. I love this blue pullover with the cabled back!

E Pluribus Unum Cowl

E Pluribus Unum Cowl available here.

This was my favorite garment to knit! Picot hems and lace? Super fun!

National Gallery Shawl

Same shawl, solid color

National Gallery Shawl available here.

Shooting in the LED tunnel was the most memorable shoot. Another HUGE thanks to my model and friend, Jess. I can’t imagine anyone else being my model.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief glance at Capitol Knits. It was wonderful to make and I hope it makes everyone realizes how amazing DC is! Come visit if you haven’t already!

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