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More from Capitol Knits

The response from Capitol Knits has been wonderful so far! Seeing something you work on pretty much by yourself every free second suddenly be out there for all to see is always an interesting experience.

I wanted to introduce a few more patterns today…

Lincoln Cardigan

Lincoln Cardi available here.

I call these types of cardis (my favorite kinds of sweaters to design) “mullet sweaters.” You know, business in the front, party in the back? I love that knitting is wearable art, especially when there’s more going on than you think. This was our last day of shooting and my good friend and model, Jess was a sport. I was nervous asking her if she was down with shooting at the Lincoln Memorial at sunrise on a freezing day, but always game, Jess was willing and we met up in the dark at an obscenely early hour. We had the Memorial to ourselves and watching the sunrise from the top of the steps was something I’ll never forget. Jess was hands down the BEST model I’ve ever worked with. She let me tell her what to wear, how to wear her hair, didn’t roll her eyes when I bought her lipstick and made her wear it, twisted her body this way and that or took away her coat and made her stand in the freezing cold. Jess, you are a rock star.

Constitution Hall Scarf

Constitution Hall Scarf available here.

There’s something really fun about multi-directional knitting topped with a lace edging. All I can say about this yarn is YUM.

Renwick Wristers

Renwick Wristers available here.

Another fine example of “thinking on your toes” is when you go to shoot at a place you scoped out months ago, checked on a few days beforehand, show up and it’s closed. We waltzed into the Renwick ready to shoot, went upstairs to the gallery I had planned on using and it was closed. Not only closed, but EMPTIED. To change the lightbulbs. For the next week. Drats! Always have a back-up plans, folks and it’s a good thing I did! Luckily the Renwick is gorgeous and I had thought we’d shoot in both galleries to see what worked better with the wristers. On to Plan B.

American Indian Cardi

American Indian Cardi available here.

I love this building. The exterior is truly amazing.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the last few projects. hope you’re enjoying these sneak peaks from Capitol Knits!

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