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It’s no secret that I have an issue with sitting still. Why watch TV when you can watch TV AND knit? Why sit in the car when you can sit in the car AND knit (as a passenger, of course)? Why talk on the phone when you can talk on the phone AND knit? In short, I tend to seize each opportunity to get a few rows in, especially since my day is devoted to taking care of our son and there’s just not much knitting time. So why not really push myself and do another book?

Since moving to Washington DC, I have been incredibly inspired by the history and architecture around us. We live on Capitol Hill and I walk the dog with my son every day up by the Capitol, near the Library of Congress or down by the National Mall. It’s pretty amazing to see the madness of the November Presidential Race begin and know that things around here will soon reach a fever pitch. I’ve lived in Boston, Providence, New York and DC. I’m not necessarily a city girl (and actually crave space and peace), but it’s just always worked out that way that I find myself in a new city now and again.

Capitol Shawl

Capitol Shawl available here.

I liked DC right from the start. Perhaps it’s because it’s similar to Boston where you can actually see the sky, people seem to have more to say, there’s fantastic museums and culture is abundant. There’s a rich sense of history you can’t help but feel while strolling these streets.

I got it into my mind last year to do an independent knitting book inspired by Washington DC’s architecture. There were a few reasons why I decided to do this… I wanted to see what it felt like to have complete control over a book from start to finish. I wanted to do the photography, have 100% say over the yarns, colors and designs, decide on the locations and choose my model. I knew it’d be difficult, but it was an experience I wanted to have. I had a loose idea in my mind about what I wanted and I started putting pen to paper, sketching, writing copious notes, choosing yarns and began knitting. I started this venture in September and now it’s here. It’s finished! I did it! It was harder and more wonderful than I imagined and holding my indie book in my hands and leafing through it is pretty great.

Library of Congress Hat

Library of Congress Hat available here.

The book has 12 garments in it, each inspired by a different location within the DC limits. I’ll introduce a few each day, all week. The book is available on Amazon (click the cover to the right) or through Deep South Fibers if you are a shop that wishes to carry it.    Deep South is also distributing the individual paper patterns and digital downloads are available through Ravelry. Each garment in the book has a historical write-up on the location it was shot at, accompanied by amazing illustrations by my friend, Paul. There is so much jam-packed into 56 pages! I did so much research about DC I should be a tour guide!

Summerhouse Hat & Wristers

Summerhouse Hat available here and Summerhouse Wristers available here.

More to come tomorrow!

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