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Vogue Knitting Winter

One thing I really like about freelance knitting is you work really hard to knit something (usually under an insane deadline), block it, finalize the pattern, pack it up, send it off to the publisher and promptly forget about it. You send your creative visions in knitwear form off with a smile and a wave and they are out of your life.

© Vogue Knitting

Then the best part happens… You get the magazine or book your work is featured in in the mail, you flip through the pages and lo and behold, there it is! Styled, beautifully shot and out there for everyone else to see, what you worked on feverishly on your living room couch, car rides, in bed while watching the late night news and on the Metro is now public. It’s a nice feeling to open a page and see your work.

My latest design was something I had to knit very quickly with a lot of yarn. It’s in the Vogue Knitting Winter 2011/12 issue that hits stands January 8, 2012. An oversized lace poncho (anyone who knows me as a knitter knows how much I love knitting lace), it’s knit with 18 balls of S. Charles Collezione Peruviano and 3 of S. Charles Diva. You can check it out on a body from all sides in realtime on VK360 here.

© Rose Callahan/Vogue Knitting

I always love Holiday and Winter issues of knitting magazines. They pull out all the stops and when it’s chilly out, all you want to do is curl up and knit anyway, right?

You can find it on Ravelry, along with all the other garments from this issue, here.

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  1. Lisa #

    I loved this pattern and it was not as time consuming as it looks. It turned out beautifully knitted in baby alpaca. Thank you so much.

    December 7, 2012

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