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Sneak Peak

A sneak peak of what’s coming ’round the bend here at TanisKnits in February…


Knit Local!

Knit Local is finally out and after only a few weeks is going to its second printing!

I worked on this book for 1.5 years and after all the designing, knitting, emailing, researching and work put into it, it’s wonderful to hold it in my hands and be able to page through it.

I worked with so many incredible designers and yarn companies. Farmers are truly rockstars and they somehow manage to do it all. I have nothing but the highest respect for them.

It is my hope that this book brings awareness to knitters (and all crafters!) about buying local to the United States the benefits it has to our country and local communities. By working together we can make a huge difference.


It’s wintertime! Time to knit up one of my favorite patterns, Hawthorne!

Hawthorne takes only 300 yards of any DK weight yarn. It knits up in a jiffy and is perfect for those long airport waits or plane rides.

Find it on Ravelry here.